Your Value in a Down Economy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 ·

Down Chart (2) As many of you know I’m a big fan of Richard Campbell, (Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and Microsoft Regional Director for British Columbia) from .NET Rocks and other writings and conferences. I was sent an email from  (another resource for developers) about a quick podcast they did with Richard.


The podcast description is quoted as:

Interview discussion regarding practical advice for developers in a down economy.

The best bits really focus on something I’ve not talked a lot about yet, and that is how valuable a developer is to his/her employer when it relates to saving money/time for the business. Richard stresses you really need to know your employers “business,” I call it “the what, and why and, how it is effected.” Software development is the one area where someone can really increase productivity and reduce wasted time on a massive scale, thus providing great value. …But you REALLY need to understand “The Business.”

To understand “The Business” you need to get to know your co-workers, project managers, business managers, sales reps, product engineers, service reps, budget managers…(not necessarily other developers) and ask them what their business goals are, what their needs area, what their frustrations are??? …. Not that you are going to handle every problem by adding a feature to the App (please don’t to that), but to know their issue is to understand. Anyway I’ll stop here. Listen to the podcast to get a glimpse of what Richard is talking about.

Get access to Podcast here – I say “get access” because you will need to give your name and contact info to listen to this 10 min podcast. I’d prefer not to give my data for a 10 min podcast, but like I said, Richard has some good points. 

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