How Developers Should Prep for a Phone Interview - Part 2 of 2

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 ·

big red phone This is a follow-up post to How Developers Should Prep For A Phone Interview - Passion and Energy.

Today I’ll talk about:

# 2 Experiences and Qualifications - requires more thought

Recruiters can’t comprehend all your experiences by reading your resume. We need to interact with you directly.  Here are my thoughts on what you need to know to have a good initial phone screen.

Project experience - (be ready to talk about the following)

  • How many projects and the size of the projects (Time and Complexity)
  • What does that App / Solution do – what is it for
  • What is the (are the) business case(s) for the Apps you worked on
  • Size of typical team(s) you have worked with (could be team of 1 or 20)
  • What was your responsibility
  • What you competed, maintained, build from scratch…
  • How many “full lifecycle” projects have you worked through – in Total (This is really important to most hiring managers)


1. Ask some questions about the opportunity – show you are interested.

  • What is the business – What do they provide?
  • What is the position – What level?
  • What type of development – Web (Product Info site, interactive), Games, Scientific, business (Example – Financial), eCommerce, Service Solutions (Example Health Services), Web 2.0, Interactive Media, Social Media, Embedded, Cloud….
  • What is the growth opportunity – “Where can I be in 2 to 5 years?”
  • What is the back round of the management?

2. Remember who you applied with. You should have any or all of the following - recruiter name, or agency, or HR personnel name, or Company info


3. Remember to follow up with your initial contact.

  • You should have the phone or email (for sure) of your initial contact.
  • Ask when you can follow up with them
  • If you commit to sending your resume (or updated resume) Send it! – Don’t forget.
  • If you are asked for a follow up interview and you commit to it – Show up.

If any of you have questions about first interviews and phone screens please remember to connect with me at

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