Should You Tell Recruiters Your Salary?

Friday, March 6, 2009 ·

money_talk_081015_mn I was reading an article (well really a short blog post) titled, “Battling recruiters and the salary issue.”  by Toni Bowers, Head Blogs Editor at TechRepublic. As you can see the post addresses the issue of sharing your salary requirements with a recruiter and goes on to give a specific example. The real meat of this post are the 316 comments attached.

I read the majority of the comments, most of which lambasted recruiters in general for asking about salary. To be fair some comments supported the right to ask and point out not all recruiters are “worthless.”

There are a lot of unqualified recruiters that simply ask the salary question just to fill a check on a profile sheet. They think a candidate is pretty much qualified if they match the salary requirements and they have a few acronyms on their resume that match the clients needs. These are lazy recruiters, a good recruiter will go beyond that.

Here are two great posts I agree with.

Good/Bad recruiters

I was working for a company in a position that I totally hated. 60 to 80 hours a week on salary on callin 24/7. So I started looking. I knew what I was worth. One recruiter tried to get me to accept a position at 1/2 of what I was currently making. Maybe it was rude, but I laughed at him and told him that even though I hated my job, at least it paid the bills. I never heard from that recruiter again, thankfully.
I always tell the recruiter what my current salary is and whether I am willing to maintain my current salary or if I require a higher salary based on the position in question.
I really don't care what their base is or what they are willing to provide as a salary range. Being straight up with the recruiter will almost always get you what you want. That is if the recruiter is any good at all. Of course you always have those that think you are really desperate and will take anything. They are not worth the your time and obviously neither is the company they are representing or they wouldn't be using such a lousy recruiter.
Posted: 02/06/2009 @ 07:27 AM (PST)

This post is all about confidence in yourself and your value. The line I like the best is, “Being straight up with the recruiter will almost always get you what you want.

and here

Perm verse contract

Be sure the advise most are giving applies to contract of prem jobs, as they are not the same animal. One issue most company's have is when Contract applies to Perm and expects same dollars, will NOT happen,
There is a surplus of job hunters now, whine or growl, that is the reality and it is going ot get worse before it gets better. To many in IT seem to think "I am IT and invaluable". Lesson one, NO ONE is invaluable, all can be replaced. Second with some of the more juvenile posts most can see why the posters are running into issues. Lastly most recruiters KNOW what a company will pay, they expect the candidates KNOW reality of wages, lay offs, etc. Time most broaden their educations a wee bit about jobs.Lots of sites out there on wages, benefits etc, be informed and able to negotiate, not demand and whine. You will find better jobs with better firms, with better salary and conditions. Sounds like to many see to think "all low ball me" etc and I "hate, will never use them, etc, etc, Suspect your issues may have more to do with a recruiter not wanting to use you then you think. For the adults, look at what some say and bluster and ask, "would I want that attitude in my shop?" So take a lot of the posts with that in mind as its seems many need to grow up a bit, times are getting harder and it seems a lot of techies have not read the news much.Reality world is setting into this nation that has been badly spoiled, and some it seems, do not want to deal with it.. and it shows
Posted: 02/14/2009 @ 10:09 AM (PST)

See my reply post to hmmmmm!  here – Although some of hmmmmm!’s comments may seem harsh and direct, they are true and you need to think about them.

Regarding Salary: It’s ok to give a salary range around 10K + or – . Just make sure that if you are asking for a lot more than you currently make you have a good explanation, I mean really good. If you can’t you will get thrown out of the candidate pool.

Bottom line: If you are going to work through a recruiter you need to trust them. Sure do your due diligence, ask them questions, ask around and look them up on LinkedIn.  Also make sure you know who YOU are, what you want and where you want to go. See Know Thyself and Show me the Money.

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