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Friday, February 20, 2009 ·

cover letter About half of the resumes I receive via email are missing an introductory paragraph. BTW - In most cases you don’t need a Cover Letter, unless you are applying or a high level position. One paragraph in the body of the email is sufficient.

It should be short, strong and to the point:

  1. Should be no larger than one paragraph. About 4-5 sentences
  2. Clearly state the position title (reference job # if applicable) you are applying for and the company. Make sure the title is right and the spelling of the company is correct.
  3. Should state your reason for applying for the position. Why are you a fit?  Why are you excited about this position? Think Passion
  4. Should contain a brief list of technologies you have experience with and number of full life cycle projects you have completed. If not what have you done.
  5. Should list one outstanding accomplishment. Can be an area of expertise. Something you are proud of – should be related to the job. Try to tie point 4 and 5 in the same sentence.
  6. Last sentence may contain any of these: “Thank you for your time…,” “If you have any questions…,” “I look forward to talking with you…” Keep it short.
  7. Should end with your name, phone and email (also, home address if you prefer)

See the Resume 101 for more info about building your resume


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