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Thursday, January 15, 2009 ·

The Money

In the end it shouldn’t come down to $$$$$

I’ve seen way too many candidates choose an employer based on compensation and health benefits. They assume the job is “only a job” and thinking “what I need/want now is cash.” – WRONG. In the first half of 2008 I can count 7 candidates that passed on good offers for a higher salary only to regret the decision a few months later. Some lost the high paying job, some had to readjust and move back home, some realized the company was a dead-end with no growth potential, some were stuck using proprietary software that wont help them in their.

Think about it, why would a company offer a compensation package over the market rate. What do they have to gain? Typically because they are hiding some flaw they don’t want you to see. Thus, they are paying in salary what they can’t provide in future benefit.

1. Lack of growth opportunity

2. Instable Company

3. Poor Planning

4. They may offer only proprietary or legacy solutions that will shorten your marketability.

5. Bad Location

6. Turnover

Yes from time to time you will find that rare company the has so much business that they need to hire fast and they are willing to pay for it. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen until the economy turns around.

Carefully consider why your next employer is making you an offer above market rate. Most likely they are trying to hide something.

Here is an Add-on – IT Salaries for 2009 overall for non-executive down 2.07% from 2008. Published by Janco Associates.


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