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Thursday, January 22, 2009 ·

networkFor all you readers out there in the Twin Cities Metro area TechFuse is 3/17/09. If you have time on your hands and $350 to $400 in your pocket you may want to check it out. They offer food and prizes in addition to a bunch of good topics ranging from Infrastructure to Developer topics and Collaboration Tracks. It’s a good overview, not to deep.

I receive many questions regarding training and professional development. Where do I go, what should I learn, how much should it cost??? If you’re in the “tech Industry,” continued learning is essential to your career development. If you’re not working, take this time to sharpen your skill and learn what you can.

IMPORTANT Don’t forget while you are at events like TechFuse, or user groups or even taking classes at your local tech college, to network. Connect face to face with other tech professionals and share stories, ask questions and listen and learn. Keep track of their email address and blogs. Also, connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn. Sometimes in the tech industry its about who you know, not what you know. – More on the benefits of building an influential network later.


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