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Tuesday, January 27, 2009 ·

podcast_ctap_small Continued skill development is crucial way to develop you career. One great way to stay on top of technology trends and best practices is to follow and listen to experts. I spend about 3 hours a day listening to podcasts, some tech related and some not. The following is a review of some very good tech podcasts for software developers. Listen and Learn…..

1. .NET Rocks – This is hands down my favorite podcast for software developers. There is obviously a Microsoft slant here, but there are great lessons to learn regardless of the tool set you use. Also, I’ve known Richard and Carl since the late 90’s. Both are extremely talented, well versed in their field and exceptional presenters. They are connected to the who’s who of software development. They run about 2 shows a week with a wide range of topics and guests. If you are even slightly on the Microsoft side of development this is a Must Have Podcast.

2. StackOverflow – Is a hosted/organized by IT Conversations and they say they are the longest-running podcast schedule on the planet. IT Conversations publishes a new audio program nearly every day, from tech conferences to unique programs. StackOverflow is a podcast and a website dedicated to software engineers. It’s hosted by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky. The website offers free Q&A on topics from iPhone development to .NET and Java tips to PHP and Ruby to overall best practices. They post podcasts about once a week. The show is casual and has great show notes.

3. Hansel minutes – Hansel minutes is a weekly audio talk show with noted web developer and technologist Scott Hanselman and hosted by Carl Franklin. You’ll recognize Carl Franklin from .NET Rocks. He also runs a podcast production company called Pwop Productions. Scott works for Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager in the Developer Division. They discuss utilities and tools, gives practical how-to advice, in addition to ASP.NET or Windows issues and workarounds.

4. Ruby on Rails – If you are into Ruby on Rails his is the place for you. It’s “News and interviews about the Ruby language and the Rails website framework.” They have great interviews and also offer transcripts of each show. Not sure who has time to read a transcript. The shows are about 3 times a month. – Check it out.

5. Software Engineering Radio - Software Engineering Radio is for the professional software developer. It’s more of a educational resource, and not a newscast. They post about 3 times a month and cover a broad spectrum of all topics in software engineering. They also offer very good interviews. They have a team of 8 editors. Every show is different.

6. Spaghetti Code Podcasts – As stated in his Bio “Jeff Brand, self-proclaimed .NET Sex Symbol and All-Around Good guy.” This is absolutely true. Well I’m not sure about the sex symbol part. Jeff is a great guy, excellent presenter and very gifted in his craft. Jeff offers posts about two podcasts a month.

7. Polymorphic Podcast - “Craig Shoemaker is a software developer, podcaster, blogger and New-Media Evangelist for Infragistics. As host of the Polymorphic Podcast, Craig does what he loves most - making contributions to the community and drawing the best out of industry luminaries.” – From his Bio. The shows are 1 or 2 a month.

This is a good list to start from. If you have suggestions of other podcasts please let me know I’d be happy to add them to the list.


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